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Magnet - 'God is my first resource, not my last resort!'

' Angels can fly 'cause they take themselves lightly! '

' Everytime you heal..."

' If you don't scream, your body will '

' JAWS-jealousy,anger,whining,self pity will gobble you up! '

' Miracle in Progress! '

' Next Mood Swing-6 minutes '

' You can't heal what you can't feel! '

100% NA--No Chemicals Added! '

Bookmark -Any Real Change

Refrig Magnet ' Everytime you heal a dark part.."

Refrigerator Magnet - ' Angels can fly 'cause they take themselves lightly! '

Refrigerator Magnet - ' Next Mood Swing-6 minutes '

Refrigerator Magnet - 'Today's numbsculls are tomorrow's sponsors! '

Untwisting-cARToons by Jennifer Yane- Graphic ComicBook

"Recovering Higher Power'

' Which way did they go?How many of them were there? I must find them! I am their leader! '

' 'Habits are for Nuns! '

' 'W.O.W.! Wild Old Woman! '

' A.S.K.--Ass Saving Kit '

' Abstinance makes the heart grow fonder! '

' Accept me-- Don't fix me! '

' Act glad to see me! '

' Addicts go to hell before they die '

' Admitting when I'm wrong changes the melody of the song! '

' Adulthood begins when blaming ends '

' Alcohol is a drug '

' Alcoholics go to hell before they die '

' An addict alone is in bad company ! '

' Animals are little people with fur coats! '

' Another codependency myth: things will get better! '

' Another friend of Bill W. '

' Be nice to the newcomer--they may be your sponsor some day! '

' Black Belt Al-Anon'

' Black Belt NarAnon '

' Create a good day! '

' Dignity is not preserved in alcohol '

' Don't fear mistakes---there are none! '

' Drug-Free Body! '

' Drugs Suck! '

' Everybody likes the underdog, but they love the top dog '

' Feelings are the doorway to intimacy '

' Get high on H & I ! '

' Get off their back,get out of their way, get on yourself, go to meetings, give them to God! '

' Get to know a stranger--do a 4th step today! '

' God invented relationships to remind us how sick we still are '

' God loves me and I'm trying!'

' Growing old is not for sissies! '

' H & I Saves Lives! '

' Heal the child within '

' Healing is not what you do, but what you undo. '

' Hope--that the feeling that you have will not last forever '

' I am a depressed perfectionist with a sense of entitlement '

' I am my only possibility of becoming myself! ' '

' I can't afford the luxury of a negative thought '

' I deserve recovery! '

' I did my best, left the rest, now leave me alone! '

' I go to meetings..."

' I need hugs! '

' I'd love to Honey, but I'll have to check with my sponsor! '

' I'm not allowed in my head without adult supervision '

' I'm smiling on the inside '

' I'm the person your sponsor warned you about! "

' I've had enough, and I'm not going to put up with it more than two or three years! '

' I've stopped drinking, but not pissing people off ! '

' I've stopped drinking, but not pissing people off ! '

' I've stopped using, but not pissing people off '

' If it weren't for my character defects, I'd have no character at all! '

' If its not drug free, its not for me! '

' If you can't see eye to eye, try talking heart to heart. '

' If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything '

' If you see more than 3 imbeciles in one day, you're looking in the wrong direction! ''

' If you think your problems are mine..."

' If you're not happy today, what day are you waiting for? '

' It can be arrested so that you don't have to be. '

' Its a balancing act '

' Its more important to be the right person than to find the right person '

' Its not my job to judge me-- or yours either! '

' Its what we don't face that controls us! '

' Just when you think you've found the right person, somebody worse comes along! '

' K.I.S.S.-- Keep It Simple, Sweetheart! '

' Keep Coming Back! '

' Laughter heals with no adverse side effects '

' Life is a B-- and then you change your attitude! '

' Logic is an organized way of going wrong "

' Misery is optional '

' My sponsor is an answering machine! '

' My sponsor loves me! '

' N.U.T.S.-Not Using The Steps'

' NA-Don't leave home without it!

' Naturally High '

' Never underestimate the power of this woman! '

' No failures--- just slow successes! '

' No matter what happens to you, I'll be all right. '

' No matter what, don't pick up! '

' Normal is a setting on a washing machine! '

' One of God's gray-haired babies '

' Party with me-- I'm drug free! '

' Prayer: Don't bother to ask God ..."

' Recovering Alcoholics do it better

' Recovery is a contact sport! '

' Recovery is an inside job! '

' Recovery turned me from a bitter half into a better half! '

' Remember to breathe!'

' Service is love with its work clothes on! '

' Seven days without a meeting make one weak! '

' Shame is the lie that someone told us about ourselves '

' Some addicts are like teabags--they only work in hot water! '

' Sometimes you have to lose your mind to come to your senses '

' Stark Raving Sober! '

' Stay out of your head-- its a bad neighborhood! '

' Surrender to Win! '

' Take my advice---I'm not using it! '

' The 12 Steps -- A roadmap out of hell! '

' The best way to help someone else is to take care of yourself ! ' '

' The longest journey begins with the first step! '

' The mind is a terrible thing to listen to '

' The STEPS-The Solution to Every Problem or Situation '

' The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off! '

' There are angels among us! '

' This is the Life! '

' This program is like a toolbox-"

' Today's numbsculls are tomorrow's sponsors! '

' Trust the process '

' We can't turn back the clock, but we can wind it up again! '

' We made a list of all people we had harmed and asked God to remove them '

' We were not put on this earth to see through each other, but to see each other through '

' When its said and done, have I done what I said? '

' Why can't I relate to the people I'm related to? '

' Winners don't do drugs! '

' World's Best Sponsor '

' Yeah, but '

' Yes, its been lovely--but now I have to go scream! '

'' Abandon all hope of a better past '

'' I love my boundaries-- they set me free! '

'' Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened! '

'Be nice to me--I'm God's child!'

'Be Yourself--everyone else is already taken'

'Being kind heals the ties that bind '

'CoDependent Recovery--Letting go of what you never had '

'Coincidence Is How God Protects His Anonymity'

'Conscious Contact is Only a Prayer Away!'

'Courage is Fear that has said its Prayers!'

'Deliver us from Ego '

'DENIAL- Don't Even Know I Am Lying '

'Discipline is remembering what you want'

'Don't just stand there-- hug me!'

'Don't panic- God's in charge!'

'Drive drunk and the best parking spaces may be yours! '

'Drive drunk and the best parking spaces may be yours! '

'Drug-free person--No additives, no preservatives, no exceptions! '

'Every one wins when I work the steps! '

'Every problem contains a gift'

'Everything in the Universe is subject to change, and everything is on schedule.'

'Free Hugs!'

'God is my first resource, not my last resort!' !'

'God Loves You and I'm Trying'

'God will bring all the children home'

'Good Morning,God--Not, Good God Its Morning!'

'Gossip is criticism of God's work'

'Help Wanted--Inquire within! '

'Help Wanted--Inquire Within'

'Higher Powered'

'Hug a Miracle!'

'Hug Addict'

'Hug me-- this is my my first convention!'

'Hug me--I'm suffering from Convention Withdrawal!'

'Hugs Not Drugs'

'I am a human being, not a human doing '

'I give hugs'

'I give Unconditional Hugs!'

'I love mood altering hugs!'

'I may not be so pleased with the package... '

'I survived God's will'

'I was about to end it all when God spoke to me in the form of a chocolate eclair'

'I will be an adult child til the day I die, but I will not die another day being an adult child.'

'I'm having a spiritual awakening--not a nervous breakdown! '

'I'm Somebody's Hug of Choice!'

'Know God, Know Peace; No God, no peace

'Let go, and let God'

'Lips are easier to kiss when the tongue's not wagging! '

'My Body-- Hug it or Leave it!'

'My mother is the travel agent for guilt trips '

'Official Hugger'

'Pretend you're a star and poke a hole is somebody's darkness'

'Professional Hugologist'

'Real Men Hug Each Other'

'Religion is for people who are afaid of Hell....'

'Remember the thorns have roses! '

'Remember, it came to pass--- it didn't come to stay '

'Share a hug and it will make 2 people happy!'

'Switching your drug of choice is like changing seats on the Titanic ! "

'The good news is that there is no bad news'

'The me I see is the me I'll be'

'The Road to Success is always under construction!'

'The vegetables are the first to go! '

'Turn it over!'

'We are not human beings sharing our spiritual condition--we are spiritual beings ...'

'We are only as sick as our secrets!'

'We heal the world when we heal ourselves.'

'We will have people in our lives deserving of us '

'Welcome to Another Beautiful Day in Recovery Land'

'WelcomeToAnotherBeautiful Day In Recovery Land '

'What if The Tree of Knowledge was seeing our partner's faults? '

'What we resist persists'

'when I know how I feel, I can tell you who I am '

'When you tell me how you feel, then I know that you're for real '

'Work the steps and live! '

'You should never make the same mistake more than four or five hundred times--people may talk!

'Youth is a gift of nature--age is a work of art! ' '

A meeting a day keeps the monkey away! '

A Very Richmond Cat Story

A.S.K. -- ASS Saving Kit

An Addict Alone - Recovery Card

Anniversary Recovery Card

Art Is Spirituality in Drag!

Art Is Spirituality in Drag!

Blessings on your ReBirthday! - Program Card

Bookmark - Cash and Presley

Bookmark - Arnold and Susie

Bookmark - Into Action

Bookmark - Road to Success

Bookmark - St Francis Prayer

Bookmark - Victims of Addiction

Bookmark - Youth is a Gift of Nature, Age is Work of Art!

Bookmark- Eleventh Step Prayer

Bookmark- "He is named First Friend"."

Bookmark- "I believe we are drawn to dogs..."

Bookmark- "If you bring forth what is within you..."

Bookmark- Angel of Acceptance

Bookmark- Angels Among Us

Bookmark- Angels Can Fly

Bookmark- Best Friend

Bookmark- Can't buy happiness

Bookmark- CreateAGoodDay

Bookmark- Dont Panic,