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A Very Richmond Cat Story

A Very Richmond Cat Story

"A Very Richmond Cat Story" by Jennifer Yane.

 Learn a bit about Richmond neighborhoods as you enjoy this illustrated fantasy!

Book Dedication:  "This book is dedicated to all the angel cats that have helped to raise me, have nurtured me and have peopled my world."

What others have said about this book:

"Inspriring and Inspirational!"  - Madam Miau;  "One can never have too many cat books!"--T.S. Eliott

"Inspirational and Inspiring!"   - Fur-Red Yane

"this book should be i the library of every cat person in America!" --Cat Ballou

"A Must-Have!" - Cat Stevens;    "A great gift!" -- Santa Claws

"I always read it whenever I visit the litterbox!" --Alowiscious Hairball

"Litter-ally Charming!'  - Sidney and Lotta Katz

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