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Bookmark- Eleventh Step Prayer

Bookmark-  Eleventh Step Prayer
Laminated Full Color Spiritual BookMark - printed one side; size 2.25" x 8" - original art by Jennifer Yane- Watermark does not show on actual product.    Widely known as the Saint Francis Prayer, it is  loved by 12-steppers and others on a spiritual path.
          If anyone you know is on the 11th step, this is the gift for them.  Can be included along with the other Step prayers: Third Step Prayer, Seventh Step Prayer, Into Action, and On Acceptance.
(The Water Mark, "Jennifer Unlimited.com" that you see on the sample will not show up on the actual bookmark).
Bookmarks are priced as follows and you may mix and match:

1    unit       =      3.50          3.50

5    units     =      3.20         16.00

10  units     =      3.00         30.00

25  units     =      2.80         70.00

50  units     =      2.75       137.50

100 units    =      2.50       250.00


Our Price: $3.50

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